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AXEON Water Technologies offers a wide range of antiscalants, antifoulants, membrane cleaners, and membrane storage preservatives for Industrial reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF) membrane systems. AXEON’s membrane chemicals will help in lowering operational costs, eliminating hazardous acid dosing, and reducing the frequency of membrane cleanings.

What is an Antiscalant?

Antiscalants are used in membrane systems in order to prevent mineral scaling. This allows the system to operate for a longer period of time between membrane cleanings. Antiscalants also allow the membrane system to remove more impurities from the feed water than it would be able to without the antiscalant. There are different types of antiscalants that are specifically formulated to remove different types of impurities in the feed water. To decide which antiscalant is the right solution to your system, provide an AXEON engineer with the feed flow rate, system recovery rate, and the feed water chemistry. This will enable us to create an antiscalant projection and provide you with a recommendation on which antiscalant to use and what does to inject into the feed water.

What is an Antifoulant?

Antifoulants are used to prevent biological and organic fouling in the membranes. The use of a membrane cleaner will remove these built-up materials, but some feed waters contain a large amount of foulants which creates the need for the antifoulant to be injected into the system continuously. The antifoulant is injected into the system much like an antiscalant. It prevents colloids and other organic materials from attaching to the inside of the reverse osmosis membrane.

What is a Membrane Cleaner?

Membrane Cleaners are very useful and make cleaning the membranes a much easier and less inexpensive task. It is always an option to simply replace the membrane every time it becomes covered with too much foulant, but Industrial reverse osmosis membranes can be very expensive to replace. This is why it is a much more economical and cost-friendly option to clean the membranes. A membrane cleaner is a chemical that is injected into the reverse osmosis system to remove the buildup of foulants such as organic material and mineral scale. Once a membrane has become fouled, it reduced the productivity of the system. It is a good general rule to clean membranes once the system’s productivity has decreased by 15%, or differential pressure has increased by 15%.

What is a Membrane Storage Preservative?

Membrane Storage Preservatives are used when the reverse osmosis system must be shut down for a period of time, sometimes longer than a few days. The membranes can be stored in a bag outside of the system, or in the system itself. It is important to use a membrane storage preservative with both storage options. If a membrane sits for a period of time without water flowing through it, the water that sits in the membrane will create a slime that consists of bacteria and yeast, destroying the membrane. Whether you are taking your system off line for a couple of days or for a few months, it is necessary to protect the membranes with a membrane storage preservative.

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