Industrial Reverse Osmosis Housings

AXEON Water Technologies offers industrial 8" Fiberglass (FRP) reverse osmosis membrane housings (also known as pressure vessels). These membrane housings are offered in a range of sizes to fit any size membrane, a variety of end cap styles, pressure ratings, and end or side entry designs.

What is an Industrial Membrane Housing?

A membrane housing is a very simple component to a reverse osmosis system. It is a vessel that contains the reverse osmosis membrane and is designed to withstand high pressures.

What are the Types and Advantages of Industrial Membrane Housings?

AXEON offers industrial reverse osmosis membrane housings in Fiberglass (FRP) to provide the highest pressure ratings available for multiple 8" industrial membranes. All of our housings are constructed of the highest quail materials and are quality tested to ensure their durability and stability. They are manufactured to provide uninterrupted durable use in industrial reverse osmosis systems.

AXEON FRP Housings have the highest pressure rating and temperatures available in today's market. These housings have a high resistance to climate conditions, chemicals, and high levels of chlorides.

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AXEON has led the way in membrane technology for over 25 years. Call us today for assistance in determining the perfect Industrial reverse osmosis membrane housing for your system. Fill out AXEON’s Get a Quote Form or call one of our Industrial Reverse Osmosis Engineers at 800-320-4074 to receive design help from our experts.

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