Hydranautics Industrial Membranes

Hydranautics Industrial Membranes
Hydranautics CPA (Composite Polyamide) elements set the standard for RO membrane elements – over 600 million gallons per day of pure water are produced by CPA elements for global municipalities and industries. 4” and 8” configurations available.

Hydranautics ESPA® (Energy Saving Polyamide) elements achieve high flux/lower pressure without compromising standards for high rejection. Since its introduction in the late 1990s, the ESPA® membrane has gained wide acceptance in the water treatment industry due to the significant operational cost savings associated with their use. 4” and 8” configurations available.

Hydranautics LFC® (Low Fouling Composite) elements combine neutral surface charge and hydrophilicity, providing significant reduction in fouling rates and increasing membrane efficiency by restoring nominal performance after cleaning.

Hydranautics SWC® seawater desalination elements offer the highest levels of salt rejection and a consistently pure end product. Membrane formulations are designed to accommodate varying levels of seawater salinities worldwide with reliable field-proven performance. 4” and 8” configurations available.


  1. Up to 99.8% nominal rejection
  2. Lower pressure for lower CAPEX/OPEX
  3. Low fouling membrane chemistry reduces or eliminates pre-treatment
  4. LD technology increases brine spacer thickness for reduced differential pressures
  5. Lower cleaning frequency and costs
  6. Up to 9,900 gpd
  7. Highest combination flow, rejection and boron rejection
  8. Up to 440 ft2 active membrane area
Membrane Type Model Number Minimum Salt
Rejection (%)
Nominal Salt
Rejection (%)
Permeate Flow (gpd)
Ultra Low Pressure Brackish ESPA1 99.0 99.3 12,000
Ultra Low Pressure Brackish ESPA2 99.5 99.6 9,000
Ultra Low Pressure Brackish ESPA2+* 99.5 99.6 12,000
Ultra Low Pressure Brackish ESPA3 98.0 98.5 14,000
Ultra Low Pressure Brackish ESPA4** 99.0 99.2 12,000
Ultra Low Pressure Brackish ESPA-B 99.0 99.2 8,600
High Rejection Brackish CPA2 99.5 99.7 10,000
High Rejection Brackish CPA3 99.6 99.7 11,000
High Rejection Brackish CPA4 99.5 99.7 6,000
Low Fouling Brackish LFC1 99.2 99.5 11,000
Low Fouling Brackish LFC3 99.5 99.7 9,500
Low Fouling Brackish LFC3-LD 99.5 99.7 11,000
Standard Sea Water SW3 99.5 99.7 5,900
Standard Sea Water SW3+ 99.7 99.8 7,000
Standard Sea Water SWC4+ 99.7 99.8 6,500
Standard Sea Water SWC5 99.7 99.8 9,000

*Boron Rej. @ pH = 10 is 93% for ESPA2+ and 96% for ESPA-B
**ESPA4 NaCl Solution tested at 500 PPM; tested at 100 psig

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