Industrial Chemical Injection XP-Series Systems

Industrial Chemical Injection XP-Series SystemsAXEON Chemical Injection Systems offer a wide range of capacities to meet various chemical treatment applications. Each system is composed of a chemical pump and polyethylene chemical tank, along with the necessary hoses and fittings for the pump.

AXEON Chemical Injection Systems have been designed to the highest industry standards and are available in 4 to 30 GPD. These systems feature quality components and a compact space saving design, which allows for easy maintenance and servicing.

AXEON Chemical Injection Systems feature Pulsafeeder Chem-Tech™ Series XP pumps with peristaltic technology that delivers worry-free dosing in a modern design. Each component of the Series XP is designed and manufactured for optimum reliability and durability for real performance.


  1. Reliable metering performance
  2. Mixed fluid capable, inherently degassing
  3. Extended tube life
  4. Rugged, sealed gear train
  5. Easy tube change out
  6. Self priming
  7. Chemical resistant materials
  8. Simple installation
  9. Heavy duty tanks compatible with acids, caustics, and most water treatment chemicals


  1. Electronic timer module provides a 201 turndown control for enhanced flexibility
  2. Standard neoprene tube – resulting in extended tube life
  3. Peristaltic technology offers optimum reliability
  4. Rugged gear train
  5. Output capacity of 30 GPD
  6. Removable tank cover with 22° surface for mixer and mounting surface for chemical metering pump
  7. Integral 2” and 1” female top connections and 5” inspection port
  8. 100 pound rating tank cover


Part Number Model Flow
(gpd / lph)
(gal / ltr)
Pressure Rating - (psi / bar) Tube
Single Head Options Duplex
'H' Tube 'L' Tube 'F' Tube 'L' Tube
206586 XP30-50 30 / 4.7 50 / 189.3 80 / 5.5 40 / 2.8 - 40 / 2.8 6 30 220V

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