Industrial Reverse Osmosis X3-Series Systems

Industrial Reverse Osmosis X3-Series SystemsAXEON X3 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed for overall high performance, high recovery rates, minimal energy consumption and offer great savings with low maintenance and operation costs. X3 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed and manufactured for seawater applications.

AXEON X3 Series Reverse Osmosis Systems feature a new, innovative and expandable design which utilizes fewer fittings and connections. These systems feature only the highest quality components, including a programmable computer controller with many built-in standard features, a stainless steel plunger pump for high performance and corrosion resistance, Filmtec® membranes and fiberglass pressure vessels for enhanced performance and durability.


  1. Over 25 Years of Manufacturing Experience
  2. Components Easily Accessible
  3. Conservatively Engineered for Reliable Long Term Performance
  4. Integrated Pre-Filtration
  5. Factory Tested to Ensure Trouble-Free Operation
  6. Easy Maintenance and Servicing
  7. Pre-Plumbed, Wired and Assembled
  8. Numerous Options and Upgrades to Suit Most Applications
  9. 1-Year Limited Warranty
  10. Made in the U.S.A.
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