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AXEON Water Technologies assists customers in solving the most challenging water quality issues and providing water treatment solutions that primarily utilize membrane and filtration technologies. Our vast knowledge of water treatment technologies spans throughout our organization, where we strive to help customers reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, meet environmental regulations and prepare for the water quality demands that their applications require.


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Our experience with AXEON was second to none. Our food processing plant was in needs of an industrial reverse osmosis system and we needed the technical expertise to select the equipment and size it appropriately for our needs. AXEON engineers helped us every step of the way and in a very short while, we had a complete solution installed and operating without an issue. We would highly recommend AXEON for anyone that requires an industrial RO system.

Rick S., Operations Manager, Atlanta, GA

After leasing an Industrial RO for several years our upper management conducted a cost analysis and decided on purchasing the equipment and bringing the maintenance and service in-house. AXEON worked with us on space constraints and the exact features we needed in our manufacturing processes. Their team of engineers conducted training with our facilities team and we are now able to service our own equipment. Not only was AXEON able to deliver and provide a high quality piece of equipment, but they ended up saving us thousands of dollars

Juan A., Facilities Director, Austin, TX

As our water supplies are stretched in regions of the country and the total dissolved solids (TDS) in the water continues to increase, the varying quality of the water supply raises challenges to the stable operation of industrial processes and ultimately the success of businesses. Such variability impacts not only the quality of the end product but also the plant equipment utilized for production.

As a part of risk-management strategy, industrial RO systems are becoming ever more commonplace within a plant’s utility standard equipment setup. Filtration technology employing industrial R.O. membranes allows manufacturers to purify feed water originating from sources of water that have higher than desirable levels of dissolved solids.

Furthermore, industrial reverse osmosis systems allow businesses to improve their water usage efficiency by recycling water to other areas of the plant such as boilers; thereby reducing their overall water footprint.

AXEON X-Series Industrial Reverse Osmosis (RO) Systems are designed as a cost-effective solution to meet the growing demand in industrial water treatment of tap water, surface water and well water for a multitude of applications in food & beverage, pharmaceutical, healthcare, microelectronics, power, chemicals, and agriculture. These X-Series systems utilize energy-efficient ultra-low pressure membrane elements with 10% greater membrane surface area than standard 8” industrial R.O. membranes, thus producing a greater quantity of pure water.

AXEON X-Series are engineered using the highest quality components and materials for reliable operation and exceptional performance. Standard industrial systems are available with product production rates of 40 to 325 gallons per minute (57,600 to 468,000 gallons per day).

To maximize the life of the industrial RO membranes, AXEON offers a line of membrane chemicals formulated to treat a variety of feed water conditions for industrial applications. AXEON membrane chemicals include anti-scalants, anti-foulants, cleaners and preservation chemicals.

As a further aid in the continued operation and maintenance of industrial reverse osmosis systems, AXEON CIP-Series clean-in-place skids allow cleaning of the membranes without removing them from the industrial reverse osmosis system. The available models within the AXEON CIP-Series are designed to complement the X-Series reverse osmosis systems; however, they can also be used for cleaning membranes within any industrial reverse osmosis system.

So contact us today to speak with an AXEON Engineer who can assist you in selecting the right Industrial RO Membrane System for your application and that meets your needs.

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